Photo by Shawna McMahon

The setting couldn’t have been better! It was a Saturday evening at Valette restaurant in Healdsburg, California. There were smells of fresh garlic roasting on the grill and hot bread baking in the oven. There were tables filled with smiling friends, new and old. There was a great array of wines from local producers atop tables made of fallen trees from restaurant owner Dustin Valette’s family retreat.


It was then that we realized how much better the wine tasted because of the perfect setting. And it was then we named our new venture, The Setting.


Three friends and our families have been privileged to become closer because of the power of wine and the settings in which we have enjoyed it. The inspiration for The Setting has come from family dinner tables, European vacations, memorable experiences in Sonoma vineyards and Napa estates, fine restaurants and spending time with those we love most.



Jeff Cova  |  Jesse Katz  |  Noah McMahon

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